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Aston completely replaces the standard Windows Desktop. It contains all main Windows Desktop
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18 February 2008

Editor's review

Sometimes the old desktop seems to be too familiar, too boring and too unusable that you get the itch to try something new. And by 'new' you mean not just a new wallpaper or mouse cursor, but something completely different, like a BeOS look for your Windows Me. Get one of those shell replacements and desktop managers like Aston.
Aston is a program that lets you switch between your ordinary desktop and the one that looks astoundingly different. No, not really quite different as it has the same icons and the start menu in their proper places. It's the additional features that make Aston desktop more fun to work with. There are quite a few of them: a different tray manager, nice-looking shortcuts to frequently used programs in the upper toolbar, different desktop themes available for you to pick something more attractive than the default bluish thing.
The program works seamlessly and doesn't take to load as slowly as some of other desktop managers do. You can always switch from one desktop to another, the only problem is that you have to log off and log on every time. Try this tool today and see that for yourself.

Publisher's description

Aston Shell is a flexible and powerful Desktop replacement application, which lets you save your computer's resources while giving your Desktop a unique look. Aston completely replaces your old Desktop with a new one, providing numerous additional features and saving computer resources for more necessary tasks. By installing Aston, you acquire a lot more than just a fancy look, you get a more efficient way of using your computer. Aston looks similar to the Desktop you're already familiar with, but its components offer much more functionality:
-Toolbars (side panels on the left and on the right sides of the screen) offers easy access to the documents, applications and web links you need the most.
-Multi-state Taskbar buttons let you know exactly if a certain window is active or minimized (they are also adapted to the width of the Taskbar and are thus easier to manage: no precious screen space is wasted.)
-Aston Quick launch Panel can be as small as a single button: you get easy access to your shortcuts without turning the Taskbar into a garbage dump.
-You can hide and restore System Tray icons with a single click or a keystroke.
-Keep your Desktop clean: use the Panel plug-in to organize your files without turning the Desktop into a dumping ground.
-Desktop icons can be of any size, any form (thanks to alpha-blending) and can be animated as well. Standard limitations are gone!
-Aston Disks and the Recycle Bin let you visually monitor their fill states.
-Multi-monitor support.
-A built-in Hotkey Manager makes your work with Aston even more pleasant and effective.
Whether you have a five year old PC or a powerful high-end system, Aston is always the right choice. Aston, running with its most feature packed eye candy Themes, usually consumes about half the RAM that Windows XP Desktop normally needs and gives you much more in return. Aston is already known to be one of the most stable Windows shells ever.
Version 1.9.6
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it is great
this ****ing thing ruined my account! i installed it, then got bored of its tiny toolbar and other stupid features. i tried to uninstall it, and it made me do all of this stupid stuff. then, when i was finally finished, i tried to log back onto my account. when i did, my computerscreen went black and the only thing that worked was control panel. i had to restart my computer to log off. that ****ing program deleted my music, podcasts, internet favorites... DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. IT WILL LOOK COOL AT FIRST, BUT IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
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